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Collateral Damage-F31

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24x36x1.5 - Cradled Birchwood. 

Collateral Damage Series” is a response to family members with mental illness and the affects on my own mental health. It is important to me to create healthy boundaries and not become collateral damage. F31 is the diagnostic code for Bipolar. This experience has been a whirlwind of chaos and altered reality that is hard to reason with, and created a division in my family. F33 is the diagnostic code for major depression. Responding with love and support and detaching with love when needed has kept me balanced for the most part. F44 is the diagnostic code for anxiety disorder. The randomness and urgency of these episodes takes patience and love to navigate by recognizing when it is happening and refrain from angry reactions that only make the individual’s episode escalate and create hard feelings.

F31 contains gashes in the wood from my anger at the disease and hurtful behavior. There are moments of soft blues and serenity, disrupted by black gashes of unpredictable paranoid energy directed at me. F33 is similar with the moments of bliss with a steady presence of depression that threads gently thru the good moments. F44 is of the random and unpredictable episodes of free floating anxiety. 

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